Can you recommend a removalist or a truck hire company?

You may like to enquire with the following ....

Jacaranda Moving Helensvale

Truck Rentals:
Gold Coast Truck Rentals

What do I need to do before I move into my storage unit?

Just four easy steps -
• Provide a drivers licence or other photo identification.
• Complete and sign our storage agreement.
• Pay the first month's rent.
• Provide your bank details.

What is the minimum period I am able to stay?

It can be as short as you like - its up to you, however the minimum payment period is one month.

How long can I keep my storage unit?

It is totally flexible - beyond one month we have no fixed period, you - can stay as long as you need.

Do you sell boxes and other packaging supplies?

We certainly do! We carry a large range of products or we can order specific items you may require.

How do I move into self storage?

Very easily, either do it yourself with a car, ute or truck. Or -
You may choose to use one of our highly recommended removalists.

What items can I store?

You are able to store almost anything. General exceptions are:
• Perishables (i.e. food, plants).
• Hazardous substances, liquids that are flammable or emit fumes.
• Illegal or stolen item.

How often can I access my storage unit and is there any charge?

You have unlimited access your unit between 6am and 7pm, seven days a week, 365 days a year. No charge at all.

How do I pay for my storage unit?

We accept EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard or cash for your initial payment. Thereafter, we direct debit from the account
of your choice.

Will you send me an invoice?

Yes, we will email you an invoice prior to your account due date.

What size and cost are the storage units?

We have a range of sizes available. Click on our Self Storage Tab for details.

What if I choose the wrong size storage unit?

We can upgrade you to a larger or an additional unit if required. We encourage you to discuss your needs first with our friendly staff to ascertain your storage requirements as accurately as possible.

Are there any extra costs?

Only the cost of a padlock which you can purchase from our range.

Do you have security?

We have security measures in place for the safekeeping and security of your goods. Our units are some of the most
secure available. Our facility is security fenced and floodlit with roaming security.

Do you have a key to my storage unit?

No - Self storage means that you pack your unit with your goods, lock the unit with your own padlock and you hold
the key.

Who else has access?

Only persons authorised by you? With self storage you control the access and you keep the key.

If I wish to move out, what do I have to do?

Simply give us seven days notice, or pay seven days storage costs in lieu of notice - it's that easy!

Can my unit be affected by weather, dust or vermin?

No - Allow us to explain some advantages of our facility -
The facility will not flood. The design of our units does not allow any dust or vermin to enter and the floors have a polyurethane finish, ensuring they are always clean.

Is there someone on site to assist should I have any queries?

Absolutely! Our office operates between the hours of 9.00am to 3.00pm, Monday to Friday or otherwise by arrangement.