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Self storage service

Storco have drive-up self storage units. These units are very popular because they are so easy to access. You can drive right up to the door and load and unload items with ease. No need to negotiate stairs access aisles or freight lifts to access your storage space. 

If you need to store large or heavy items, a drive-up unit is far more convenient than an inside unit. Also, if you need regular and frequent access to your stored items, a drive-up unit makes it possible to get in and out very quickly. These units are also especially useful if you don’t have a garage at your home but need storage capabilities for items you would typically not need every day; sporting goods, tools, camping and caravan items and so forth.

DIY self storage service 

We can deliver containers to YOU!

Our DIY service will deliver a storage container to you anywhere on the Gold Coast. You can then pack it with items that you wish to store and when you are finished, we will pick it up and drop it back at Storco's facilty. This is ideal for those moving home with longer than expected settlement times or you don't have your next accommodation ready.

You can also keep the container at your location for as long as you need. This is ideal for builders or renovators needing a temporary on-site storage location for equipment, tools and stock.  Not only are they kept safe from misuse and theft, they are also protected from the elements. When you are finished, just remove your items and we will come and collect the container from you. 


Why choose Storco Self Storage? 

Check your storage requirements against our simple checklist below and and see why Storco is a great solution for your self storage needs:


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